Email Marketing: Don’t Let Your “From” Name Be an Ingredient for Spam

As promised in my last blog post, here’s another tip that I learned from a Constant Contact compliance representative that will help you obtain the best open rates, ensure your email is not tagged as spam and stay in good standing with ISP providers.

A well thought our “From” name is an important element to a successful email marketing campaign. There are several things to keep in mind when creating a “From” name for the best possible open rate.

1. A “From” name should have the most well known or branded company information in it. This is usually the Company name or well known initials utilized by the Company. For instance, an email coming from The Castle Group could read:

From: The Castle Group

From: Castle

From: TCG

2. A “From” name should not contain personal information, such as the president’s name or the head of marketing, unless they are better known to your list of recipients than the Company name.

An exception would be if your company has collected contacts on the strength of a personal name. This would be an appropriate situation to include a personal name in the “From” field of your email. Castle finds it appropriate to use our founders’ names when the message is more personal or the recipients are more personally connected to them.

From: Sandy Lish

From: Wendy Spivak

Note: If you choose include a personal name in the “From” field, change where the replies are sent. You don’t want to fill up your senior staff’s inbox with automatic replies including out of office replies and system undeliverables. We prefer that automatic replies go to Castle’s database manager, so she can keep our mailing list scrubbed and up to date.

3. If a personal name is the most recognizable to your recipient list, don’t just rely on that personal name alone for deliverability purposes. Many spammers have begun using personal names in the “From” field to create a false sense of security. In order to further set yourself apart, take advantage of the Subject line (see my previous blog post) to make clear that it’s your company. For example:

From:Sandy Lish

Subject: Castle’s Summer Newsletter

SPAM resized 600

Look for the next installment of Another Recipe for Spam.

The Castle Group, Chief Marketing Officer, Deborah Spencer
Written By: Deborah Spencer


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