Joan Rivers: Marketing Genius

The recent death of Joan Rivers was shocking to many. As Andy Cohen said on “Today,” the fact that people were shocked over the death of someone who was 81 speaks to her indomitable energy. Despite her age, no one perceived her to be elderly, least of all herself. Another shock followed her death–the revelation…

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Fall in Love with These Seasonal Dessert Trends

It’s that time again. Summer is quickly slipping away and the leaves are beginning to turn. Soon enough the strappy sandals and summer maxi’s will be stored away while the fall boots and seasonal scarfs make their appearances. As fall fashion trends start to make a comeback, so will the seasonal flavors of pumpkin, cinnamon…

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Wiesbaden meets Boston

Imagine coming to a completely new city, a totally new company and colleagues you’ve never met before. Feeling awkward, right? Not at The Castle Group! You arrive and feel extremely welcome – everyone welcomes you immediately. There’s no better start, trust me, because I’ve spent five days at The Castle Group office as a visitor…

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