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App for That

While they may feel old hat to some, mobile apps are just showing up on the radar as an important technology trend in events. The Economist Intelligence Unit survey reported that a meager 13% of customers found mobile applications to be an important way to engage with businesses in the year 2013. Three years from…

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Weather Wisdom

As I sat inside last week, working from home due to the weather, I felt inspired to do a little research on tools to help one stay on top of the forecast at every stage of the event planning process. Whether it is driving conditions and parking availability in the winter, or outdoor venues and…

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Digitizing Participation

What does your company want out of its next conference? Sure it’s about sponsorship dollars, securing/maintaining customers, displaying new products and getting the company’s message out, but what type of audience are they looking for? Very few people would say they are looking for a passive audience, just a customer, or even a guest to…

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Major advertising as content marketing

Jerry Seinfeld pulled off a pleasant – and smart – surprise during Sunday’s big game: airing an ad that was welcomed into households under the guise of a visit from old friends, a mini-“Seinfeld” reunion with Jerry, George and Newman. Acura is the sponsor of Seinfeld’s addictive “Comedians in Cars Getting Coffee” web series, featuring…

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