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Guest Blog | What are you wearing?

This week’s Phoenix Business Journal poll asks:  “Has workplace attire become too casual?”

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From College to Knowledge: Creativity

I’m sure you’ve heard the epithet “when you’re interested you’re interesting.” Everyone has the ability to be creative, but the key is finding something that you’re passionate about and applying your creativity to that. In school, students are given the opportunity to think outside the box, test out new subjects and determine what piques their curiosity. Through trial and error, we’re able to hone in on what motivates us. In school, each student wants to do better than the one sitting next to them. The competition to display creativity and innovation is an ongoing one, with the majority of school work calling for creativity on an individual level.

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From College to Knowledge: Having Fun

I know what you’re thinking: how can you have fun and balance a demanding workload at the same time? You may have a different idea of fun before you graduate, but having a good time in college is unquestionably related to how much you enjoy your college experience both academically and socially. The same can be said for your first job. I’ve had friends complain to me for an entire summer about how grueling and depressing their internship was. To be completely honest, I do understand. I did a few things that were fairly monotonous. As an intern, I had to make a seemingly infinite number of (sometimes painfully awkward) phone calls, all with the same repetitive message. While this was just a minor part of what I did every day, it helped me to sympathize with my friends who spent eight straight hours punching numbers into excel. But as a whole, this internship is different. This company is different. This company is fun.

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From College to Knowledge: Work Ethic and Goal Setting

Where do you see yourself in five years? How about ten? For most, the answer is that you don’t really know. But it’s important to have a goal in mind. Setting goals is the beginning of making big things happen. It shows that you actually want to be more.  However, the desire to advance is only half the battle. Your work ethic and determination are equally, if not more important than the end result.

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