Kate’s Take: Boosting Team Effectiveness through Multi-Generational Strategies

Our family and life experiences are integral parts of our development. The skills and values we learn help shape how our leadership styles develop. A successful leader will be able to recognize individual differences and manage to that diversity within a team.  In today’s society, where labels have been used to describe different age groups in the workforce (i.e. Baby Boomers, GenXers, Millenials), it is essential that good leaders understand the differences – not the stereotypes – and manage to them effectively.

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Five Tips to Improve Your Blog’s Exposure

We all know that blogging is good for business, but how much so? According to a study conducted by HubSpot’s inbound marketing team “the average company that blogs has 55% more visitors, 97% more inbound links and 434% more indexed pages.” (To learn more, download this helpful Ebook!) Yet, whether you are an avid blogger or a newbie, you may be falling victim to common blogging faux pas that may be placing an unwarranted cap on your desired exposure level.

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Why you should remove your Twitter feed from LinkedIn (I beg of you)

It’s great that you loved your lunch at that new restaurant. And I’m sorry that you’re upset over the Pats (who isn’t?).

And I’m happy to hear about those things – just not on LinkedIn.

Lately when I’m on LinkedIn, I am inevitably greeted with an endless series of tweets by the same four or five people.

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The year of the Hashtag – The Super Bowl on Twitter

Not to bring back painful memories, but the final minutes of this year’s Super Bowl were a real nail biter. Figuratively, not literally — America’s hands were way too busy posting on social networks. Super Bowl XLVI broke records on Twitter.

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Are You Ready for a Staycation?

Although exciting getaways to tropical destinations are always fun, you can never go wrong with a quick weekend escape to somewhere that you can drive to from home, just to getaway… a staycation.

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Sweet Dreams of Super Bowl

America’s premier sporting event is upon us again.  While many dream of the opportunity to attend the big game in person, recent hotel research leaves me questioning who can really afford to go? I suppose that I will not argue the price of the tickets, the markup on airfare or the obscene price of memorabilia/paraphernalia because it IS a once in a lifetime experience; however, I simply cannot help but question our friends in the hotel business.

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