Who says the summer is quiet?

Here are the reasons it is absolutely NOT quiet:

  • Even though people take vacations, people are more plugged in than ever before.  For good, and for bad, it’s entirely possible to keep efforts moving forward even when a key team decision-maker is away.
  • You take the good with the bad.  At Castle, we have summer Fridays, which means that we divide the firm into two teams, to ensure ample coverage of all client teams, and each team has every other Friday off, workload permitting.  The “workload permitting” part is elemental here—people accomplish a lot during the rest of the week to compensate for a Friday off.  And there is always that “plugged in” factor (see first bullet!).
  • Social media does not get a summer vacation.  In fact, we’re finding that some contacts have more time to tweet, blog, and beef up their online presence, and we’re helping them do that year round.
  • The news cycle is 24/7. It doesn’t stop.  Long leads still exist, and we need to plan for fall and winter coverage, even when we’re sweating out a heat wave.  On a daily basis, crises break, clients and their competitors have announcements, IPOs and M&A activity continues, the political landscape creates numerous opportunities, and event planning is a year-round process.  PR and events never stop.
  • It’s a great time to catch up.  Some of my most productive meetings so far this summer have been with new and old contacts that I have difficulty connecting with during the ostensibly busier seasons.  We can accomplish a lot by taking advantage of people’s open calendars to get and share information.
  • It’s a fantastic time to take a step back, look ahead and strategize. Before calendars fill and overfill in September, we can be proactive and thoughtful about our clients’ businesses, and our own, and attend to efforts we’ve been “meaning to get to.”
  • Events happen. Organizations realize that although some folks definitely clear out of the city, if you’re around, there aren’t as many events competing for your attention.  That’s why, for the third year, we’re thrilled to partner with the Boston Business Journal on Boston’s end of summer networking bash.  We’ve already marked our calendars.  Are you coming?

    BBJ Summer Party