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Marketing to Generation Z from a Gen Zer

Businesses’ marketing strategies for young adults are dramatically shifting, and that’s because today’s young adults are no longer Millennials, they’re Generation Z. What is Generation Z? Although the start date for Gen Z is up for debate, demographers and researchers consider anyone born from 1997 onward to be part of Gen Z due to key…

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There’s A Podcast For Everything

The ever-changing media landscape has marketing and public relations professionals looking for the next big thing – and how can we get our clients involved. Over the past decade, podcasts have become a game changer in the industry, are increasingly more popular and provide great media relations opportunities for all types of people and businesses….

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Finding The Why of Social Media Through a Social Media Audit

Author Simon Sinek popularized the idea of finding your why. Many organizations, including our own, have created “why statements,” allowing us to succinctly state the purpose behind our work. Before getting to work, Sinek proposes that organizations “start with why.” But when social media exploded, many organizations jumped in feet first. It was something they…

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