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Reinventing the Live Event Experience – Key Considerations for Meeting Planners

In the wake of the global pandemic, meeting planners have done a tremendous job rebooking and/or transitioning whole calendars of live events to the virtual world. However, as Zoom fatigue sets in and the world slowly begins to reopen into a new mode of operating, meeting planners are reimagining what the live event experience will…

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Introvert-Friendly Events

I’m an event planner—and a self-proclaimed introvert. As many of my fellow introverts can attest to, we learn how to “act” extroverted when moments call for it, but the act can take quite a bit of energy to maintain for long periods of time, especially at events. How one responds to stimulation is a simple…

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Refresh your Event Planning Perspective: Why Every Event Planner Must Attend Events

This past weekend I attended a conference with my husband – it was a personal commitment, not work-related. However, as an event manager, it is easy to be distracted by the elements of the event and how the logistics were planned, and constantly assess what you would have done differently if you had planned it…

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