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Insights From The Wiki-World: Interview with an Anonymous Wikipedia Editor

The world of Wikipedia editing can be an inscrutable one for the uninitiated. A massive, online, open-collaborative environment with more than 55 million articles and 94 million registered users, any of whom can edit almost anything they choose, sounds like the stuff of nightmares for PR professionals. After all, the critical words of just a…

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Marketing to Generation Z from a Gen Zer

Businesses’ marketing strategies for young adults are dramatically shifting, and that’s because today’s young adults are no longer Millennials, they’re Generation Z. What is Generation Z? Although the start date for Gen Z is up for debate, demographers and researchers consider anyone born from 1997 onward to be part of Gen Z due to key…

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Guest Blog: The Scoop on Amplifying your Brand through Branded Experiences

The #amplifycastle 20th anniversary campaign is fitting for the culture and caliber of work that distinguishes the agency, and it brought to mind a very relevant and underleveraged brand building tool that has gotten more attention over the past couple of years – branded experiences.

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