Inauguration: An Event Planning Perspective

Inauguration day. Regardless of your political views, from an event management standpoint, there was much perfection on display, and many lessons for anyone planning events today. Throughout the day and night, I heard from many colleagues and clients asking what I thought about the inauguration, from an event planning perspective. Here are ten takeaways, in…

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Keep Your Audience Engaged During Virtual Events

In the world of virtual events, attendees are no longer in the same room as presenters—so it’s more important than ever to keep your audience engaged. Here are six key considerations for audience engagement during virtual events. Condense Your Agenda Planners can’t expect virtual audiences to stay engaged for the same length of time as…

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Digitizing Participation

What does your company want out of its next conference? Sure it’s about sponsorship dollars, securing/maintaining customers, displaying new products and getting the company’s message out, but what type of audience are they looking for? Very few people would say they are looking for a passive audience, just a customer, or even a guest to…

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