Return to Live Events: Policies and Procedures

It’s important to note that every event is different when it comes to COVID-19 protocols. There is no one-size-fits-all approach to health and safety. A multitude of factors such as state regulations, attendee demographics, event format and more all play in to determining what procedures should be in place for each event. At the recent Global Meeting and Incentive Travel Exchange (GMITE), hosted at the Arizona Grand Resort in Phoenix, Arizona, we were able, for the first time, to see some of the policies and procedures we had been talking about for so long – in action. 

In order to ensure a safe event for everyone in attendance at GMITE, event organizers utilized the following protocols:  

1. Proof of Vaccination & On-Site Testing

Upon arrival to the event, all attendees were required to provide proof that they were fully vaccinated or take a rapid COVID test. Once proof was provided, or we had tested negative, we were able to enter the event. Because everyone had taken these precautions, masks and social distancing were optional.

2. Attended Food Service

While a combination of stations and buffets were served for lunch and dinner; each was attended by hotel banquet staff. Participants were not able to handle any of the food or service utensils until it was on their individual plate.

3. Health & Safety

While there were a number of additional precautions taken by event organizers (hand sanitizer stations, increased table spacing and limited seating capacity, outdoor evening events, etc.) the signage promoting these protocols was limited. This allowed for the event to feel more “normal” to attendees while maintaining proper practices of health and safety.  

As we navigate our way back to a degree of normalcy, and policies and protocols evolve, we will continue to help our clients ensure that health and safety are at the forefront of their event. 

The Castle Group, Senior Event Manager, Paige Myers
Written By: Paige Myers


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