Real-Time Analytics through Your Attendees

By Sara Barone

The beginning of 2015 brings hope to event planners everywhere that are looking for new trends to spruce up their inventory of ideas. The event industry is constantly on the lookout for tools that will make even the smallest task easier and less time consuming. One event tool that is continuing to gain interest is the use of Near-Field-Communication technology. See the four event technology companies below that can help take your upcoming event to the next level.


  • Loopd offers a service that provides real-time analytics to event planners, as well as attendees, on their mobile phone. With Loopd, there is no need for attendees to be scanned, swiped, or manually checked into events. The LoopdBadge integrates with the LoopdApp and provides the following real-time analytic tools:
    • Automatic lead capturing
    • The time and location of attendee interactions, sharing contact information, documents, videos and more with both parties
    • Personalized schedules and maps that can be updated with the latest event information on-site
  • xFocus connects the technology of GPS and RFID. Using the latest Bluetooth low energy, xFocus delivers a ton of information to both event planners and attendees. Traffic-flow patterns, average duration of a visit at particular sessions and the demographics of those attendees are just a few real-time analytics that can be provided to event planners. Location-based information, personalized indoor navigation and meeting request portals are also available to attendees via their smartphone or tablet. xFocus also offers a complete registration system that allows attendees to register via the app directly. What’s even better is the fact that these badges last up to two years on a single watch battery and can communicate with all smart devices of major manufacturers such as Apple, Samsung, LG, Microsoft and more.


  • Connect&Go provides a complete event management system that enables attendees to register for an event, share thoughts and ideas using social media platforms, and gain or be denied access to specific breakout rooms or sessions. Two of my favorite features that Connect&Go offers are:
    • Sponsor Branded Photo/Check-In Booth: Branded photo and check-in booths provide exposure for your sponsors as well as a fun activity for your attendees. These booths are programed to link to the Connect&Go RFID bracelet. Attendees simply wave their bracelet over the booth’s RFID pad and then check-in or take a picture. The picture is then automatically sent to the attendees’ email or Facebook pages or they are checked into that specific location on Facebook.
    • Cashless Payment: The RFID bracelet provides a secure, quick and easy form of payment that does not require cash or credit cards to be present during purchase. This system offers two different forms of payment; Advance Credit, which allows attendees to pre-load money onto their bracelet, or Live Debit, in which they can link their credit card to their bracelet. This feature is great for conferences and events that use cash bars.
  • Topi is a very smart and unique platform that makes networking easier than ever before. This app gives event attendees the power to discover their peers. By suggesting the most relevant people to talk to while at the same time providing like-minded conversation topics based on common interest and background, Topi makes it easy to break the ice and build a valuable network connection. Topi also uses geo-fencing, which allows tools such as GPS based sign-in and brand activations to be used. A few of my favorite features are the live surveys, interactive floorplan, speaker profiles, and interest-based chatrooms. These features help to put a new spin on the modern day conference routine, in-turn making attendees more interactive and invested in the material.

The trend of Near-Field-Communication technology only seems to be getting bigger in the events industry so make sure you check out these companies, and others alike, to make your next event an even bigger success. Don’t forget to also take a moment to share your favorite event technology tools with us!

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Written By: Sara Barone


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