Specialty Communications

Emergency Communications Audit

A scan of current headlines instantly reveals the need to have a comprehensive emergency communications plan in place to protect your employees, your constituents and your organization. Our expert team – with in-depth metropolitan emergency management communications and crisis communications experience – will create a comprehensive plan customized to your individual needs.

  • Define potential crisis scenarios such as evacuations or shelter in place orders
  • Identify key audiences, facilities and channels of communication
  • Create a comprehensive plan to reach those audiences and disseminate information
  • Develop – or edit existing – materials
  • Present plan to executive team and key stakeholders

Social Media War Room

The time to be prepared for a crisis is before it happens – not as it unfolds.We’ve pioneered the Social Media War Room, a training session which replicates a crisis online in real time, and provides instruction and best-practices for handling a crisis via social media channels. Sessions are customized for each client and focus on responses to real-world scenarios using our proprietary interface that mimics the experience of interacting via leading social media platforms.

  • Define potential social media crisis scenarios
  • Hold a virtual social media response session with executive team
  • Respond to mock crisis in real time
  • View crisis through social media platform simulation that mimics real life
  • Develop crisis response as the scenario unfolds
  • Evaluate team performance
  • Provide report with summary of activity and recommendations

Social Media Audit

With new social media channels emerging daily and the need to create and curate compelling content on a regular basis, managing a social media program can be overwhelming. Our team will evaluate your existing program and recommend best practices – or create a program from the ground up. We focus on streamlining your efforts for maximum impact, directing your resources to efficiently engage with your key audiences.

  • Define social media goals and key audiences
  • Provide recommendations on channel participation and/or evaluate current social media program
  • Evaluate existing content and provide recommendations on how to develop and curate content
  • Conduct competitive overview
  • Provide analytics and best practices report