New York City – Outside of the Box

When planning a trip to The Big Apple, ideas for things to do tend to lean towards the norm – A Broadway show, visiting famous monuments such as the Empire State Building and Statue of Liberty, strolling down 5th Avenue and window shopping or ice skating in Rockefeller Center.

When planning your next visit to New York City here are a few activities that stray a bit outside of the box for a chance to explore this vibrant city in a whole new light.

  • Wine Tasting: It’s true that you won’t find any actual vineyards in New York City. However, New York as a state is the second largest wine producer in the country (next to California). Many shops sell local wines and do tastings daily. Try one of Manhattan’s newest venues, City Winery where visitors can create, learn about and sip delicious wines while listening to great musical acts or enjoying a delicious meal in an inviting, friendly environment. Various classes and tastings are also available to complete this all-in-one venue.
  • Comedy Show: Many famous comedy acts stop in New York City along their tour routes and there are always shows to see in famous theaters throughout the city. For a comedy show that’s a bit different from the well-known names, try a local comedy club where the freshest talent currently perform and some of the most famous names got their start. The Comedy Cellar is home to New York’s finest new talent; Jerry Seinfeld, Dave Chappelle and Chris Rock have all graced the stage and continue to make surprise guest appearances, so you never know what you’re going to get! For a kid-friendly version with a Who’s Line Is It Anyway improv vibe visit the National Comedy Theatre.
  • Cooking Classes: Rather than going out for dinner, try a cooking class at the Institute of Culinary Education while you’re in town. Choose from the schools’ myriad of recreational classes if you’re only visiting with a couple of people or setup a private cooking class for a larger group of twelve or more. This is a great way to try something different and learn something new about culinary expertise from the gastronomic capital of the US.
  • Unique City Tours: A tour, a game, a show, an experience. The Accomplice takes you on the most unique and interactive version of a tour of the city you could imagine. We can’t give away their tour locations or too much information about the experience, but The Accomplice has received rave review from their admiring participants and has been deemed a “must-do” New York City activity. CNN called The Accomplice, “The coolest thing we’ve heard about in a long time.” New York Magazine said it is “Cleverly designed – a heck of a lot of fun!” and Fox 5 New York said, “Genious…Leaves even jaded New Yorkers seeing the city like never before.”

Enjoy your next trip to New York City and post below about your new experiences!

Photo of New York Skyline
Photo by Ramil Ugot from Pexels

The Castle Group, Senior Event Director, Callie Cleary
Written By: Callie Cleary


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