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Philip T. Hauserman

Senior Vice President, Crisis Communications
The Castle Group, Senior Vice President, Crisis Communications, Philip T. Hauserman

What is the plan? My family groans when I ask that question, mostly because it’s not just one question I’m asking. They know there are a million follow-ups coming, almost all of which start with the familiar refrain of “What if…” Maybe this is why our kids practically need snorkels just to breathe in the backseat when we go on road trips. It’s not because we drive across the country or because we have a small car, it’s because I pack, re-pack, and ultimately over pack to make sure we are prepared for as many different situations as possible. This same thinking guides my approach to communications strategy.

Taking the time to think through and plan for all the possibilities – including the dreaded worst case scenario – allows me to help clients see that a “crisis,” if planned for in advance, is nothing more than a minor disruption that requires careful management. I’ve utilized these same tactics to lead communications programs and critical events for major corporations, educational institutions, and professional service firms across the United States. While I’m certainly no stranger to high-profile situations – discrimination in its many forms, wrongful termination, workplace violence, sexual assault, and executive misconduct, to name a few – I’ve found that even the smallest blip on the radar can escalate surprisingly fast if there isn’t a plan for delivering concise, consistent, and timely communication to the audiences that matter most. Crisis or not, a good communicator knows how to connect people and create opportunities, two things that I enjoy doing on a daily basis. Whether I’m in the office, at a networking event, or out in the Atlanta community, I’m always thinking about ways to bring value to others. Then again, that may also just be the helpful Southerner in me.

Speaking of the South, I graduated from Presbyterian College in Clinton, South Carolina, with a bachelor’s degree in English and a minor in business administration. Along the way I also managed to collect the single-season hit-by-pitch record (23) while playing baseball for the Blue Hose (yes, you read that right). When I’m not working you’ll find me outdoors with my wife, Ashley, and our two children, Emma and Henry. I’m a fan of baseball, good books, and home-cooked meals. I’m also a four-time Ironman finisher. My best ideas almost always come to me while I’m swimming, biking, or running.