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Deanna Leblanc

Senior Account Director, Public Relations
The Castle Group, Senior Account Director, Public Relations, Deanna LeBlanc

I believe that everyone has a story worth sharing, but not everyone knows how to tell their own story. That’s where I come in. For nearly a decade as a television journalist, I met people from all walks of life who had stories to tell. My job was to find them, and then craft their messages into something that made a viewer listen closely, or a reader hit ‘share.’

When I got a call from a general store owner on Virginia’s eastern shore about a non-English speaking family who believed their chihuahua was stolen off their front porch by a volunteer group – I thought about dismissing it. It seemed like a small problem in an even smaller town. But, when told the right way, with compelling video, emotional interviews, and snappy writing – the story led to global petitions and eventually state leaders changed laws about dog euthanasia.

The point is: how you tell your story matters. And I am here to help.

When my children were born, I transitioned out of my television career and I took my storytelling skills to law enforcement. I served as the Communications Director for the Norfolk, Virginia Sheriff’s Office for three years. There, I worked extensively on external and crisis communication, thought leadership, and relationship building within our community. I did that largely by again, telling a story. Sharing the people behind the organization, the ‘who’ and the ‘why’ to build public trust and reputational equity.

When I am not at work, I am happily chasing my two toddlers and my golden retriever, Murphy. I am also a proud military spouse. My husband served for ten years as a naval officer and US Navy SEAL. If I’m not at work or at home – you can find me at a Crossfit gym.