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Brittney Figueira

Account Supervisor, Public Relations
Brittney Figueira Account Supervisor, Public Relations

Journalist turned PR-executive; I’m always looking for the next big story.

Starting off with just a tape recorder and a dream (no iPhones), I hit the ground running as a college newspaper reporter at UMass Amherst. Fast-forward to my first TV news job in Charleston, South Carolina where I worked the graveyard shift, and sometimes found myself sleeping on the station floor because the floodwaters were too high to get home.

Then in 2017, I returned to my roots (and the snow) here in Boston, where I spent more than half my career producing live, breaking news coverage at NBC where I was fortunate enough to witness several World Series and Super Bowl wins. I took the lead on special segments, digital documentaries, political debates, election nights and moments in our city’s history that I’ll never forget.

I’m confident, competitive, passionate, extremely organized and have a go-getter attitude like you’ve never seen before. With more than a decades-worth of journalism experience, I can get your story into the hands of the right people. How do I know that? Because I used to be them. Storytelling is in my veins and together we will make your brand shine. When I’m not scanning the news you’ll find me at a North Shore boxing gym with an iced coffee on repeat, cleaning up after my very messy Great Dane puppy named, Kemba, who loves the Celtics.