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Al Minahan

The Castle Group, Senior Advisor, Al Minahan

For more than 30 years, I have provided counsel and crisis management results for for-profit and not-for-profit entities, often at the intersection of commercial business interests interacting with federal, state, and local governments throughout New England.

I learned this in our family business, The Minahan Pharmacy: work every day for your customers; learn about their business, interests, and concerns; admit to mistakes; and always provide solutions and success.

Before I became a capitalist, I served in the Jesuit Volunteer Corps (the Jesuit version of the Peace Corps), and the Massachusetts House of Representatives. Today, I serve on the Massachusetts Association of Mental Health and HealthView Services boards and chair the Advisory Board at The Base in Roxbury, MA.

My wife Joanne and I have three children living in California and Connecticut and a healthy and beautiful grandson, Jack Minahan. In my spare time, I love to ski and hike and have twice run the Boston Marathon. I like to think I have one more in me….