Is There Such a Thing as Too Much Information?

By Elizabeth DiVito

Work here at Castle starts at about 8:30 a.m., but I like to get in around eight to settle in, grab some breakfast and start my news catch up. If you’re wondering what I mean by “news catch-up”, I am referring to the countless websites, newspapers, blog posts and Twitter feeds I check each morning to make sure I am up on what is going on in the world since I went to bed the night before. This all sounds pretty routine for PR people like me, but what about the rest of the working world? Do we really need to know about everything all the time?

Sometimes I feel like I spend a good chunk of my free time reading and absorbing information. Some people are obsessive about cleaning out their in-boxes, but I am more concerned with getting to my daily newspapers and scanning the majority of the posts on my Bloglovin feed (Bloglovin is like a more hip version of Google Reader) before I start my work day. If I don’t get to these things first thing in the morning, the rest of my day feels a bit off, like missing that first cup of coffee (or tea in my case).  The problem with this is the simple fact that there is just too much information out there to be able to know what is going on with everybody and everything, all the time. Between the newspapers, online news sites and social media platforms it can be really overwhelming.

In an effort to spend less time glued to my laptop while at home and spend more time interacting with REAL people, I have made an effort to only check my news sources, blog reader and Twitter feed one time after I leave the office, usually before I go to bed at night. The latest news from the Middle East and who got voted off of Dancing with the Stars can wait until I get into work the next morning. And just in case something major happens, the nice people at CNN will send a news alert to my iphone so I won’t miss anything!

Does anyone else feel totally overwhelmed by all the news and information out there?

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Written By: Elizabeth DiVito


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