How to Create Your Own Version of the BBJ Custom-Made Photo Holders

By The Castle Group

Every time I have the pleasure of attending an event produced by our own events team, I am always awestruck by their attention to detail.

This was definitely the case at last week’s Boston Business Journal Summer Networking event which Castle sponsored and our events group helped to produce.

One of the things that struck me the most was this little gem, a custom-made envelope created to hold film-strip photos taken at a photo booth at the event.

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This is a great example of how the events team thinks – always coming up with new ways to extend the client’s brand through all aspects of the event – and finding a clever way to execute it.

I asked our Deb Spencer to share her simple method for all of you latent crafters and party hosts.

Step 1:

Layout out the design in four columns on a horizontal 8 ½ x 11.  Deb used Microsoft Publisher, but any program where you can create four columns will do.

For the artwork that appears on the “flap,” be sure to turn it upside down.

2 computer screen shot resized 600

Step 2:

Print the sheet in color on a medium-weight card stock.

3 full sheet shot resized 600

Step 3:

Cut the sheet in four pieces using a paper cutter.

4 paper cutter resized 600

5 cut envelopes resized 600

Step 4: 

Fold up the bottom of the cut sheet to create the pocket.

6 folding envelopes resized 600 

Step 5:

Use rolling scrapbooking glue tape to seal the sides.

8 tape resized 6009 taping envelopes resized 600

Step 6:

Insert photos and enjoy!

10 envelope finish resized 600

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