Fostering a Positive Work Environment

If you want to foster a positive work environment, you need to work at it—and at Castle, we do! From day one, Sandy and Wendy strived to do great work—and to create a really special place to work. Collaboration, teamwork and appreciation are not just buzzwords here. We live it every day. And the result is a productive yet fun place to work with employees who have a great attitude, an appreciation for the company, and a passion for all we do and stand for.

When Castle’s 20th anniversary was approaching, Sandy and Wendy directed our corporate culture team to create a series of internal initiatives to amplify our positive work environment to the next level. One of these initiatives became a week-long program to commemorate the milestone—Spirit Week. When Spirit Week was first announced, I had no idea what to expect—but my expectations were exceeded. The Castle culture team put together a fantastic agenda of activities that fostered an even deeper sense of camaraderie and positivity at the agency.

schooner-liberty-starSpirit Week was a fun, energetic and morale-boosting week that concluded with a company outing that made all of us feel truly appreciated. We closed the office early for some amazing swag shopping—each employee was given a pair of Ray-Ban® sunglasses and orange Havaianas® flip flops in our vibrant Castle orange. We were then launched from Pier 8 in the Charlestown Navy Yard for an afternoon of sailing around Boston Harbor on the Liberty Star.

It was so great to connect with colleagues in a relaxed environment. We enjoyed the breeze in our hair, a delicious lunch buffet, and a spectacular view of the Boston skyline. We learned more about each other both professionally and personally. We shared stories, discussed projects, and overall, just enjoyed each other’s company. It was a fantastic, gorgeous afternoon on Boston harbor—a perfect end way to keep Castle’s morale going strong!

A positive work environment is consistently ranked as one of the top factors for job satisfaction. Castle’s corporate culture initiatives are a great example of how Castle fosters good, trusting—and positive—relationships among colleagues.

Thank you Sandy and Wendy for always going above and beyond to keep our environment positive—and our spirits high!