Five Best Practices for Working with Bloggers and Social Media Influencers

As the traditional media landscape becomes increasing crowded and noisy, brands large and small have needed to modify their media and marketing strategies to create alternative opportunities to get in front of their desired audience. One growing alternative to traditional earned media is social media and blogger marketing, where brands work directly with blogger and…

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Crisis in the making: Campus carry creates angst, unrest for everyone but Georgia lawmakers

Soon Georgia will become one of 10 states in the country to allow guns on campus. Students over the age of 21 with concealed weapons permits will be legally allowed to carry firearms into what is supposed to be an environment reserved for learning.

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Media Relations 101 – The Persistent Publicist

Do I call again? Should I leave a message this time? Or maybe email is best? Courting an editor, reporter or producer can feel like you are asking someone out on a first date. It takes persistence and a little patience to begin a new relationship as well as to engage the media. In a…

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