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Mayor Tom Menino: A Castle Tribute

Everyone in our office stopped what they were doing when we heard about the passing of our beloved former Mayor Tom Menino. Although it was not a surprise—it had been announced a week ago that he was discontinuing his cancer treatments and was in hospice care—it still felt like a punch to the gut. For some…

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Going nowhere fast

Driving in Boston. The mere phrase can evoke many strong emotions ranging from confusion, rage and fear to a general sense of hopelessness. These reactions often stem from our “you can’t get there from here,” non-linear streets. Lately, though, these feelings are just as likely to be caused by our ever-growing traffic crisis. I’ve spent…

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12 Things the Castle PR Team Can Relate To: As told by ‘The Office’ (gifs)

1. No matter how early you went to bed the night before, mornings are always rough. (Source) 2. It doesn’t matter how you drink it, but coffee is your best friend. (Source) 3. Nothing cheers you up after a tough day quite like an office dog. (Source) 4. Networking comes naturally. (Source) 5. Athletics are…

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Too Many T’s?

Everyone loves free stuff – free food, free swag, free fun. However, as an event planner from the millennial generation, I must admit I have reached my capacity for free t-shirts. The T-shirt was first popularized in the United States as part of the U.S. Navy uniform in the Spanish-American War. It became the clothing…

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