De-stressing for Success

I recently wrote a blog about the latest and greatest event technologies. I am now going to do an about-face and talk about “unplugging” from it all.

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#NBCfail – The Destructive Power of Social Media

What was your most memorable experience from the summer 2012 Olympics? For many American viewers, it just may have been an #NBCfail. After spending 1.3 billion on the rights to the Olympics, NBC undeniably needed to get their money’s worth from their coverage. But, how they went about doing so brought on intense criticism that left what should have been a triumphant NBC with a bludgeoned public opinion.  

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The Things You Didn’t Know About Event Management

…Or what “event management” even means for that matter. With the vast spread of stereotypes surrounding almost every industry out there, how can one really know exactly what a career entails?

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