Meme-ory: Remember the Best Internet Memes – with Playing Cards

It’s time for a 2011 social media wrap-up. A creative and fun approach for an end of year summary comes from Seattle, where Ray Thomas has begun to gather Internet memes – such as Success Kid and Business Cat – and turn them into playing cards. Thomas’ motivation is to share memes with the offline part the population, to put an end to them “missing out on the fun.” But his noble cause needs funding. Therefore, Thomas has launched a project on Kickstarter, “a funding platform focused on a broad spectrum of creative projects.” To produce the Internet Meme Playing Cards, Thomas needs a total of $4,200 by February 16. Donors will be awarded with decks of the playing cards, and can even influence their design – the final layout and meme selection are still in the making. For the 52 meme deck, Thomas needs to select nine top-memes. Which ones should go on the cards?

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Care to Share? Social Media for a Cause

During the Holiday season, giving is spelled with a capital G. To inspire those who want to give, Mozilla has launched a timely charity campaign, the Mozilla Firefox Challenge.  Between December 14, 2011, and January 11, 2012, 12 celebrities – including Zooey Deschanel, Jonah Hill and Will Ferrell – are competing to raise the most money for a charity that is meaningful to them. The Challenge is hosted on, a platform that allows users to either start their own fundraising campaign for an existing charity, or help someone else with their fundraising efforts. And just in case their endorsement alone is not enough, the participating celebrities offer weekly prizes and give-aways as an incentive for donations to their causes.

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Just Click Cancel: Social Media Self-Defense Against SUI (Sharing Under the Influence)

Once it’s out there, it’s out there. You don’t have to be Ashton Kutcher or Congressman Anthony Weiner to know that a social media mistake can cause a PR disaster with the click of a button. Tweeting, posting and sharing require a level of judgment and discernment that are often impaired during this eggnog-infused most wonderful time of the year. With mobile devices allowing you to share virtually any thought that crosses your mind real-time, regrettable media use after some Holiday “cheer” is no longer limited to drunk-dialing or employing the photocopier to create inappropriate self-portraits at the office party.

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Get Savvy: Power Up Your Personal Brand

Grab your networking buddy and start making some connections! 

Castle principal and co-founder Sandy Lish dished out valuable personal branding advice to a group of professionals at last Thursday morning’s BBJ event. The “Get Savvy: Power Up Your Personal Brand” workshop included tips on how to present yourself, making connections, networking and social media. Check out the full presentation by clicking on the slide below. 

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Causes We Support: Family Reach Foundation & Families Fighting Cancer

The November 10th Culture & Caring event to support Family Reach Foundation (FRF) was a great success! An amazing organization dedicated to providing heartfelt support and financial relief to families fighting cancer, Castle is proud to be a long-term partner of the foundation and support its efforts.

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With the combined hard work of Family Reach Foundation, Castle, event sponsors and proud supporters, the Culture & Caring event raised more than $80,000 this year to help families struggling due to the overwhelming financial and emotional strain of having a child with cancer.

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This Christmas, Bacardi Is Making It All About You…

Whereas Walmart’s holiday campaign adorns your Facebook wall with a talking fruitcake that uses your personal data to comment on your profile (see last week’s post), Bacardi’s Holiday Facebook promotion takes an approach that is less seasonal, but just as personal. If you have reached the legal drinking age, the Bacardi campaign “Unwrap the Night” let’s you participate in a virtual house party that’s all about you. Living up to its slogan “Your life is the life of the party,” Unwrap the Night uses data from your Facebook profile to create a “personalized interactive experience” — sort of like a customized video game. As the party’s special guest, you can mix tracks in a DJ booth and order drinks that are named after your friends. The walls are decorated with pictures of you. The campaign was launched last Friday and so far has 1,000 active users.

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Simple Food that Everyone Can Understand

Grilled cheese is a classic American food everyone grew up with. Besides being crunchy, gooey and buttery, grilled cheese is…  

Inexpensive – a small indulgence

Fast – for people on-the-go who need to get back to work quickl…

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Holiday cheer? Piece of cake!

The holidays are upon us. To spread the cheer, Walmart uses Facebook – and Frank the Fruitcake as an ambassador. Frank is an eloquent pastry that users can load to their Facebook profile. From there, Frank provides a running commentary, via video…

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