12 Days of Christmas – Castle Style

Yes, Christmas is just 12 (business) days away!  I recently re-watched the famous performance of Straight No Chaser’s version of 12 Days of Christmas. I heard the cost of these classic gifts added up would average over $107,000 at today’s rate. That’s quite a holiday gift list. It got me thinking – what would we order up for the holiday season? I polled our events team and here’s our list for this year…

12 | Unlimited budgets (well, you can always wish)

11 | Happy exhibitors

10 | Comp sleeping rooms

9 | Gracious speakers

8 | Kick-butt vendors

7 | Interns researching

6 | Perfect venues

5 | Show-stopping entertainers

4 | Working microphones

3 | Signature cocktails

2  | Free massages

…and a happy and healthy Castle team!

What’s on your holiday wish list?  Let us know!