Taking the plunge: Four Seasons dives into deep dependence on social media

The riskier the road, the greater the profit; that’s the Four Seasons’ prerogative.

Product of a more than $15 million overhaul, the Four Seasons luxury chain recently unveiled a revamped website featuring a new Tumblr-esque design, new functions and new content, appealing to the tech savvy customer.

Betting big on their guests’ opinions, this new content comes from voices on social media sites beyond the Four Seasons’ control. The new design allows you to connect with each of the chain’s 86 hotels and see what people are saying—both positive and negative—on Facebook, Twitter and TripAdvisor. The “Reviews at a Glance” box leads directly to TripAdvisor’s site for a particular hotel, as well as the hotel’s Twitter and Facebook pages.

Too risky? Not really; the Four Seasons did their homework.

Over the past year, on-site staff have been individually trained to monitor and follow-up with all reviews, digging deeper into customer issues. In addition, extensive research was conducted around the digital consumption of luxury consumers for the development of the new website. Four Seasons held focus groups to gain a better understanding of guest and travel partner needs. These results formed the content of the premiere issue of the 2012 Four Seasons Luxury Trend Report

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