• Public Relations | Digital & Social Media | Events

    delivering meaningful content to our clients' target audiences

  • Getting your message

    to your marketplace

  • Tailoring your vision

    to deliver impact

  • Building trust

    so your leadership shines

  • Creating events

    that inspire team success

  • Leveraging communications platforms

    that fit client needs


Amplify. Deliver. Leverage. Three words that have become part of the Castle DNA, woven into our integrated communications programs, our culture, our lexicon. Separately, they’re powerful. They provide the core tenets for what we do and promise, and what sets us apart. Together they’re like a mantra that both grounds us and reminds us of why, for more than 20 years, we’ve been able to build relationships that matter, and achieve public relations, events management and marketing results that get our clients where they need to be.

the four c’s

At the core are four fundamental C’s that are immutable to us and connect all of our divisions, our clients and the outside world.
They are the foundation for everything we do.

  • Creative

    Looking at everything through a fresh lens – whether a story pitch or an event design – employing the newest tools and technology to enhance our efforts.

  • Client-centered

    Knowing that our clients’ business goals are our business goals – and that unmatched service and quality are non-negotiable.

  • Communications

    Striving for perfection in writing and clarity in our interactions to ensure the right message comes across at all times.

  • Connectivity

    Linking audiences directly to our clients’ content, products, services and people, and leveraging our own connections for our clients’ gain.