Sit Down with Sandy: Behind the Scenes with Local Leaders – Michelle Wu, Part II

In part two of Sandy Lish’s interview with City Council President Michelle Wu, Councilor Wu shares her and priorities for the City.

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Sit Down with Sandy: Behind the Scenes with Local Leaders – Michelle Wu, Part I

Castle’s Sandy Lish recently sat down with City Council President Michelle Wu to discuss her inspirational leadership in Boston. Part one of this two-part interview covers Michelle’s thoughts on young leadership and some tips on how to amplify your own voice and ideas.

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Embrace opportunities to (re)connect this holiday season

The holiday season is a busy time for all of us. And each year it seems to get busier (and start earlier, for whatever reason).

You might actually feel sick looking at an Outlook calendar that more accurately resembles a Tetris game than a practical schedule. But each one of those “busy” blocks – especially the after-hours ones that represent holiday parties – are opportunities to work on your own personal elevator pitch.

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Principal Partners

I recently had the chance to participate in Principal Partners an annual event hosted by Boston Public Schools, Mayor Walsh and Superintendent Chang, Bank of America and Boston Plan for Excellence (BPE)—where corporate, public and nonprofit executives partner with BPS principals to lead their schools through a regular school day. I was assigned to shadow Principal Mark O’Connor at The Carter School, a remarkable school that serves 25 Boston children with disabilities.

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Tips for Reaching Millennials during the Holiday Shopping Season

Millennials take the cake for the largest living (and spending) generation, therefore understanding millennial purchasing decisions can help businesses garner more sales and brand interaction from the generation with the most buying power.

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Guest Blog Post: Castle Lessons – The Importance of the Brand

As public relations professionals we are brand ambassadors, brand protectors and brand builders. When I started at Castle as a green account executive I had no idea what this truly meant. In fact I did not appreciate the weight of it all until I was working in my current role as the director of communications at Saint Louis University School of Law – by myself – with only the experience of my Castle years to guide me.

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The Guide to Apps for PR Pros

For us PR pros, our smartphones are basically glued to our hands. Whether it’s emailing clients, checking the latest news alerts, posting to social media or searching for that contact we met at a networking event, our phones are often our most indispensable tool as communicators and help us provide even stronger service to our clients. Here’s a guide to the most productive apps for PR pros.

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How Clowns Go Viral on Social Media

As PR and social media professionals, we know how quickly news and trends can spread. In most situations social media is the best method to share things quickly and efficiently. But social media’s viral nature can also be problematic, causing hysteria and false reporting. Cue Creepy Clown Epidemic 2016.

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Make your audience your ally

One of the first rules of effective communications is to know your audience. This is particularly important when crisis hits.

Consider this: all the prepared holding statements, Q&As, talking points, letters and response strategies in the world won’t help in times of crisis if you don’t have an understanding of how your audience views a particular issue in the first place. In fact, if you don’t have a general awareness of who your various stakeholders are and what they think, your communications efforts could take what is actually a minor issue and inadvertently turn it into a full blown crisis.

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Sit Down with Sandy: Behind the Scenes with Local Leaders – Evelyn Murphy, Part II

Below is Part Two of Sandy Lish’s interview with the first female Lieutenant Governor of Massachusetts, Evelyn Murphy.

Sandy: As you think back on your experiences, is there one defining moment that led to your focus on pay equity and the wage gap?

Evelyn: There is no one defining moment, but there is a defining period of time. I challenge you to think of it that way. Let me explain. While I was in public office I didn’t attend to my retirement years. As a result, I concentrated my time during the majority of the 1990s on making and saving money so that I could live modestly for the rest of my life.

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