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Twitter has changed our level of engagement with celebrities. No longer do we need to read gossip columns or magazines to find out where they like to eat, drink, or mingle; what artists they are listening to; or designers they are wearing.  Not only are their followers learning about them, they want to learn about their followers. Celebrities that are using Twitter are also engaging their followers – asking what their favorite shows are on television, what team they want to win this weekend, or what restaurant they should go to!

Most recently, Twitter user Victor Gonzalez tweeted New England Patriots player/Twitter king Chad Ochocinco that he had been tweeting him for a couple of years, and never received a response. Ochocinco responded, “Damn 2 years? My bad. Want to come to the game Saturday?”  Gonzalez’s persistence finally paid off, and he was rewarded with a trip to Boston, tickets to the game, and time with the player. Ten years ago, Gonzalez never would have had that opportunity.

Social media has leveled the playing field and lets everyone connect across our culture. Lesson here – don’t give up, keep tweeting, and hopefully you will hear from your favorite celebrity, too!  

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