When done well, incentive programs will motivate your employees, inspire them to reach for their goals – and beyond – reward their accomplishments and recognize them for a job well done.

And that’s where we come in. At Castle we create programs that recognize achievement, communicate key ideas, bring people together and create value through group experiences. We design, develop and deliver the most creative and compelling reward and incentive programs for companies that are on the forefront and intend to stay there; companies committed to leaving the competition in the dust.

Incentives create measurable and profitable results for your organization. It is a fact that destination-based reward programs are the most effective form of employee incentive. Castle programs are dynamic and memorable experiences: creative promotional marketing; the coolest destinations; themes and activities that inspire and motivate. From an idea’s inception to the reward’s culmination, we help our clients deliver tangible results, increase productivity, reduce costs and drive growth. The end result – powerfully motivational corporate incentive and employee recognition programs that improve your team’s morale and performance.

Our programs are used to launch new products, where success is critical at the outset; to motivate sales teams – direct and indirect – and resellers to promote your products first, above all others.

  • Employee recognition programs
  • Sales incentive programs
  • Sales meetings
  • Social responsibility events
  • Experiential engagement and teambuilding activities
  • Workshops and retreats