Making a Difference All Year Long

The holiday season is a time to give generously and want not, for the greatest gift is that which expresses thanks – to our families, to our friends and to organizations and causes that we care about the most.

But regardless of the gift – whether material goods, time or money – it’s important to remember that gratitude and support knows no season and there are many creative ways to provide all kinds of support to those in need.

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Atlanta is United

A….T…..L. A….T…..L. If you’ve been to an Atlanta United game recently, you know exactly how this chant goes and how fired up the crowd gets. Attend a Five Stripes game in the new (and amazing) Mercedes-Benz Stadium and you’ll see and hear more than 70,000 fans of all walks of life come together with a single…

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8 Tips to Successfully Transition from Intern to Employee

Eight tips that helped me successfully transition from intern to employee.

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Crisis in the making: Campus carry creates angst, unrest for everyone but Georgia lawmakers

Soon Georgia will become one of 10 states in the country to allow guns on campus. Students over the age of 21 with concealed weapons permits will be legally allowed to carry firearms into what is supposed to be an environment reserved for learning.

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Events: The Missing Link in the Paid/Earned/Social/Owned Marketing Model

The ever-evolving marketing industry has defined the PESO (Paid/Earned/Social/Owned) model as a way to categorize marketing activities in the context of our digital world. It makes sense and is an important lens through which to consider our work. One critical element, however, always seems to be missing from the PESO model: events. As our team…

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The Power of Writing – Teens in Print at Castle

Our partnership with WriteBoston continues with the opportunity to assist in the editing process for the latest edition of Teens in Print. From articles about student issues, like balancing school work and sports commitments, to national issues such as the gender wage gap, to community concerns like gentrification in Chinatown, these students are bold, curious, and tuned in to the people around them.

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Sit Down with Sandy: Behind the Scenes with Local Leaders – Megan Costello

The beginning of a new year always offers time to reflect on accomplishments and set goals for the weeks and months ahead. Castle’s Sandy Lish recently sat down with Megan Costello, the executive director for the Mayor’s Office of Women’s Advancement, to discuss her career-defining moments, her goals as a role model for young women…

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Sit Down with Sandy: Behind the Scenes with Local Leaders – Michelle Wu, Part II

In part two of Sandy Lish’s interview with City Council President Michelle Wu, Councilor Wu shares her and priorities for the City.

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Sit Down with Sandy: Behind the Scenes with Local Leaders – Michelle Wu, Part I

Castle’s Sandy Lish recently sat down with City Council President Michelle Wu to discuss her inspirational leadership in Boston. Part one of this two-part interview covers Michelle’s thoughts on young leadership and some tips on how to amplify your own voice and ideas.

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Sit Down with Sandy: Behind the Scenes with Local Leaders – Evelyn Murphy, Part II

Below is Part Two of Sandy Lish’s interview with the first female Lieutenant Governor of Massachusetts, Evelyn Murphy.

Sandy: As you think back on your experiences, is there one defining moment that led to your focus on pay equity and the wage gap?

Evelyn: There is no one defining moment, but there is a defining period of time. I challenge you to think of it that way. Let me explain. While I was in public office I didn’t attend to my retirement years. As a result, I concentrated my time during the majority of the 1990s on making and saving money so that I could live modestly for the rest of my life.

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