Specialty Services

Castle has remained a generalist agency by design. This allows us to avoid client conflicts within industries and helps our clients benefit from synergies we create.

We also recognize that we have strengths in specific areas, based on our experience, expertise and skills, warranting a specialty focus for our clients. These specialty services have become part of the fabric of Castle.

Most of our crisis communications clients are seeking immediate counsel on a pressing matter. We regularly work with clients across the country that are referred to us for our expertise in this area because of our reputation and experience managing major national crises.

While we work with many educational institutions on crisis management, we also have extensive experience (both in-house and agency) representing colleges and universities through ongoing PR and thought leadership campaigns.

Of course, no campaign, or crisis management scenario, is complete without the right media training. A well-trained spokesperson or executive is a tremendous asset to any organization and can focus the message, whether during a crisis or during a speech.