Maui nō ka ʻoi (Maui is the best)

It was more than fifteen years ago that I planned my first incentive program to Maui.  I had no expectations of falling in love with the island. I was headed there for work, not for vacation. However, I remember the first morning, waking up before sunrise and taking a walk along the Pacific Ocean.  It…

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A Candid Conversation with Castle: Social Media

At The Castle Group we view communications as a complete package – and no strategic communications plan is complete without social media. Competency in social media is more crucial than ever, particularly since the digital age has made it much easier for companies, brands and individuals to share news and stories with the audiences that…

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A Candid Conversation with ABC News Anchor David Muir

We read their words, hear their voices and see their faces. But how well do we know the people who connect us to the world?  As part of Castle’s biweekly Media Monday, Sheila Green, our vice president of media and community relations (otherwise known as our human rolodex), gets the scoop on the men and women…

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