Time after Times

The Sunday Times launched its social list this week, a social media measurement application with a spin that makes the list attractive beyond the scope of the paper’s readership. “The Social List” doesn’t rank its users according to their follower numbers and ratios – it ranks them according to the response they get from their network. This concept makes sense. Having a lot of followers on Twitter or fans on Facebook doesn’t mean that people are paying attention to your posts. To rank its users, The Social List gathers data from Facebook, Twitter, Foursquare and LinkedIn and puts together a composite score; sub-lists let users compare their rank to their immediate social circle.

The Big Time” is going live this week, launched and presented by Bud United, a platform for Budweiser fans. The Big Time is a “social-reality show” and currently casting young adults for the first episode via Bud United’s presence on Facebook and the Chinese social networking site Renren. According to Bud United, The Big Time “is an hour-long competition show where a determined few set out to realize their greatest dream.” The show was designed to increase Budweiser’s social media follower and to spark online discussion.