There’s an App for that

In one of our recent posts, “Dress the Part; Be the Part,” we stressed the importance of dressing ‘the part’. Throughout the years, you have probably been advised to ‘Dress for the job you want, not the job you have.’ However, this can often be a challenge. Clothes can be expensive and buying full outfits adds up quickly.

As a young professional breaking into the working world, I often struggle putting together my work attire from the limited supply of professional clothing in my closet. But, Alas! There’s an App for that. (Or a few, rather.)

With these wardrobe apps, you can create your dream closet (Hello Pinterest) and later look at it for inspiration. The apps also let you upload photos of existing items in your closet to your virtual closet (where they can be categorized). You are then able to piece together clothing items, plan future outfits and assign these to certain days. The app will hold on to this history so that you are able to see what you have already worn – great for people, like me, with limited professional wardrobes.

What about that sweater in the back of your closet you always forget that you own? Many of the wardrobe apps also keep track of your least worn or most worn pieces so that you can be sure to make use of everything in your closet. Talk about making it easy to get dressed in the mornings!

Here are five of the many wardrobe apps available on the market:

App for That