The year of the Hashtag – The Super Bowl on Twitter

Not to bring back painful memories, but the final minutes of this year’s Super Bowl were a real nail biter. Figuratively, not literally — America’s hands were way too busy posting on social networks. Super Bowl XLVI broke records on Twitter.

According to Twitter, the maximum TPS (Tweets per second) during the 2008 Super Bowl was just 27, this year’s TPS peaked at 12,233. The game’s nerve-wrecking final three minutes triggered the most Tweets, with an average of 10,000 TPS, “an all-time peak for a sporting event.”

Madonna’s halftime show came in second, inspiring “an average of 8,000 TPS sustained during her performance” that “peaked at 10,245 TPS, which is also a [new] record for live entertainment.” (Sorry, Beyonce.)

The total of Super Bowl-related Tweets – between 6 p.m. and 11 p.m. ET – was 13.7 million.

In addition, or maybe contributing to, TPS records, the 2012 Super Bowl also marked “the year of the hashtag.” Instead of asking viewers to follow them on Facebook and Twitter, the 2012 Super Bowl commercialssimply listed a hashtag like #GameDayPolarBears (Coca-Cola) and #thatsalotofpizza (Pizza Hut).”

The Tweets during the Super Bowl currently claim number two and three on Twitter’s TPS record list.  Number one is the 2011 televised broadcast of the anime movie Castle in the Sky, when Japanese viewers at one point sent 25,088 TPS “to symbolically help the movie’s characters cast a spell.”

That’s team spirit.