Consumer Public Relations

We’re communicators by trade and consumers by nature. We wear both hats. And we do so to your benefit.

Consumer PR Services

Consumers need to know how products work for them. Does it taste good – and work with their diet? Is it easy to use? And how do they use it? Amplifying product benefits across channels – in person, online, in the news – is a necessity to engage consumers and build awareness in today’s cluttered world.

We’ve worked across the spectrum of consumer marketing:

  • Successfully launched more products than we can remember: snack foods, gourmet products, cookware and appliances
  • Generated visibility for regional brands that helped support acquisition
  • Worked with companies from their scrappy startup days through big budget national brand campaigns
  • Executed blogger campaigns to build brand awareness of a candy company launching at Whole Foods
  • Branded philanthropy campaigns
  • Created visibility at trade shows, corporate sales meetings and annual conferences

And everything we do, we test on ourselves. If we wouldn’t go for it, then why would anyone else?