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Ricardo Guillaume

Chief of Staff, Public Relations
Ricardo Guillaume outside the Castle offices in a blue jacket and tie

Before joining Castle, I served the Commonwealth of Massachusetts for seven years in different roles with the Office of Governor Charles D. Baker and Lieutenant Governor Karyn E. Polito, The Massachusetts Office of Travel and Tourism (MOTT), and Mass Cultural Council.

Mild-mannered professional is just my alter ego. I’m really a superhero and my origin story demands I tell you my powers. My first power is creativity: Nothing makes me happier than writing a story or blog with a catchy headline, great quotes, and puns that will make the reader smirk. The second is being organized with a process. I ask myself: What is the process to achieve our goal? And how can we communicate it to all involved in an organized way?  After a night of fighting poorly written crime, I look forward to suiting up at The Castle Group and working with my teammates to save the day for our clients. 

Now that you know my secret identity, which I suppose, (sigh) is no longer a secret… I’ll let you in on a few other things: I’m an avid sneakerhead, die-hard Boston sports fan, and a lover of all things arts and culture. I enjoy spending time with family and friends, visiting museums, working out, practicing yoga (namaste), and making music mixes and playlists.

I developed a tattoo tourism bug and have booked vacations around appointments with amazing ink artists in Austin, Berlin, Los Angeles, Montreal, and San Francisco, in addition to here in Boston. I am unabashed in my nerdiness – dressing up for Halloween and cosplaying at conventions are a must. My passion for TV, movies, and the film industry has manifested opportunities like being a featured extra in Apple TV’s Defending Jacob and a production assistant gig for Marvel Studios’ Black Panther: Wakanda Forever.

Come find me, and let’s talk about good comms, sports, music, HBO shows, a24, and the Marvel Cinematic Universe.