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Laura Ruiz

Account Supervisor, Public Relations
The Castle Group, Account Supervisor, Public Relations, Laura Ruiz

For most of my life I have been captivated by storytelling: how to communicate complex issues to a wide audience, which, in my career, serves as the foundation for brand and reputation. This critical, foundational work allows us to effectively tell our clients’ stories.

I recently moved back to the US after spending 5 years in Colombia. There, I worked for different companies developing communication strategies, helping them evaluate their economic, environmental and social impacts, and contributing to the design and execution of their public relations, reputational crisis management, and social responsibility and sustainability agenda.

At The Castle Group, I’m excited to collaborate with a well-rounded team that is just as eager as I am to dive into any situation and find solutions, as well as opportunities, to build up a client’s reputation and brand.

Outside of the office you will most likely find me catching the next flight to a new adventure – I love traveling. I have been fortunate enough to have traveled to many countries where I have learned about different cultures and tried delicious food. I also enjoy spending time with my family and friends.