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Katrina Rojas

PR/Marketing Account Coordinator
The Castle Group, PR/Marketing Account Coordinator, Katrina Rojas

I have always considered myself creative, passionate, and, by my Virgo nature, a critical over-thinker. Despite being an introverted empath, PR sort of found me. I developed a passion for the arts and DEI advocacy through my involvement in non-profit organizations as a youth, and now as a young adult. During high school, I served on the marketing committee of the professional Boston chapter of the Association of Latino Professionals for America (ALPFA), which helped me gain technical and creative experience outside of the classroom while also participating in advancing the community.

After taking an introductory PR class and co-founding a student blog as a student at UMass Amherst, I realized that I enjoy helping amplify voices by developing messages and telling stories in a logical, creative, and unique way. So, I became a journalism major on the public relations track. This past May, I graduated as 1 of 10 students comprising the UMass Journalism first inaugural class of PR. I have a secondary bachelor’s degree in Spanish and a certification in Arts Management (the understanding of the behind-the-scenes workings of nonprofit and for-profit arts organizations).

As a PR & Marketing Account Coordinator at The Castle Group, I wear many hats and look forward to exploring all facets of communications during my time here.

Outside of work, I dedicate my time to family, mentoring, self-care, and poetry. I recently announced my freelance graphic design services which you can learn more about on my LinkedIn page. Behind the scenes, I am working on the production of my second business and plan to release a line of hand-bags in 2023.