Keeping Your 2016 Goals on Track

goalsWe’re three months into 2016 and 92 percent of us are completely off track with our New Year’s goals and resolutions, but it’s not too late to right the ship. From increasing your second quarter sales to finally learning to speak Italian, these are five tips to help make your 2016 goals a success.

Be Specific – The clearer your goal is, the more likely you are to achieve it. It’s also much easier to track and measure success with specific goals. So it’s “I want to lose 15 pounds” rather than “I want to get in shape.”

Create a plan – A goal without a plan is just a wish, so sit down and start mapping out what you need to do to meet your goal and when you are going to do each task.

Set mini goals – If you’re thinking big, consider breaking things down into smaller, more manageable goals that you can meet one at a time. Those small victories will add up quickly.

Track your progress – Put a recurring date in your calendar, it could be weekly or monthly, as a reminder to assess your goal progress and determine what you need to do to continue moving forward.

Tell people – When people know what you are working toward, they may be able to offer valuable advice, support and maybe even that final push you need to succeed.