Just Click Cancel: Social Media Self-Defense Against SUI (Sharing Under the Influence)

Once it’s out there, it’s out there. You don’t have to be Ashton Kutcher or Congressman Anthony Weiner to know that a social media mistake can cause a PR disaster with the click of a button. Tweeting, posting and sharing require a level of judgment and discernment that are often impaired during this eggnog-infused most wonderful time of the year. With mobile devices allowing you to share virtually any thought that crosses your mind real-time, regrettable media use after some Holiday “cheer” is no longer limited to drunk-dialing or employing the photocopier to create inappropriate self-portraits at the office party.

This led the folks at the advertising and design agency TDA Boulder to turn the cause into the cure. In collaboration with Internet security company Webroot, the agency has developed a mobile phone “bad idea protector,” which has a Holiday Party Sobriety Test app and website designed, according to iTunes, to “prevent the loss of clothing, dignity, job, marriage or friends.” The app uses coordination and cognition tests to provide you with a “private status update” on your sobriety and finds the nearest cab company if your score is low – a good enough attempt to protect you from an embarrassing end to your night. So, to be completely safe, follow this social media mantra: “Don’t drink and drive, don’t drive and text, don’t drink and tweet”. Happy Holidays!

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