Castle Spirit Week

To commemorate Castle’s 20th anniversary on August 1, 2016, the Castle Culture Team created Spirit Week: a program blending fun, learning and bonding to recognize and reward the people who make our agency great every day—our team. Spirit Week focused on our agency’s latest corporate initiatives around wellness, team spirit, community service and celebration! Thinking…

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Snapchatting the Millennial Generation: Tips & Tricks

The wildly popular photo messaging app, Snapchat, has become a staple to the millennial virtual communication sphere. Over the years, Snapchat developed from a simple photo messaging service to a multifaceted platform for text, video, photo, news sharing and now, advertising. Snapchat does what other social networking outlets cannot accomplish: offering a snapshot of “instant expression” of what is happening in the present, in real-time. Users can send personal messages or share a “story” with their followers.

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Crisis Communications Strategies for Sexual Abuse Allegations in Schools – Part Two

Below is the second post of a two-part blog on communications during a school sexual abuse crisis. You can read Part One here. Communications Materials Communications, legal and risk management are inextricably linked in these matters, and need to work as a team. The communications plan needs foundational materials, all of which should be reviewed…

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