Making Space for Black Women in the Public Relations Field: Opinion by Castle intern Shelby Casimir

Black women shouldn’t be afraid to take up space and unapologetically operate in our zone of genius. I have been working in the public relations industry for some time now. I’ve learned a lot and am entering the professional world soon. This experience has been a liberating change in my career trajectory. It was the…

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Media Literacy: Three Ways to Separate Fact From Fiction 

We live in a time too often plagued by headlines and news curated to maximize viewership. We have seen the detrimental impact this has had on society. For our brains to begin to grapple with the excess of media and content consuming our lives, we develop subconscious processing strategies known as “heuristics” to select what…

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Ukraine Support

Here are five reputable non-profits working to support the people of Ukraine. Stand with Ukraine.

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