Women’s History Month 2021

As a women-owned business, we love to celebrate fierce and edgy women. In honor of this year’s Women’s History Month, we created our very own movie watch list featuring real and fictional women who inspire us. Movies to Watch During Women’s History Month: 9 to 5 A League of Their Own Alice Doesn’t Live Here…

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Insights From The Wiki-World: Interview with an Anonymous Wikipedia Editor

The world of Wikipedia editing can be an inscrutable one for the uninitiated. A massive, online, open-collaborative environment with more than 55 million articles and 94 million registered users, any of whom can edit almost anything they choose, sounds like the stuff of nightmares for PR professionals. After all, the critical words of just a…

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Hybrid on the Horizon

Although virtual events are now commonplace and can be highly effective in reaching your target audience, nothing beats the face-to-face connection of in-person events. Organizers of virtual events and attendees alike are digitally drained. We’re hearing from both sets of constituents that they can’t wait to get back to in-person events. It’s not a question…

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