No, Mom, It’s Not Just Zoom!

I sat down in front of my laptop for what was my Thanksgiving lunch and my parents’ Thanksgiving dinner. They live overseas, with a six-hour time difference, so we’ve grown accustomed to the oddly timed family FaceTime. The stress of life under COVID-19 has increased the desire for closeness as a family, as is true…

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Virtual or Socially Distanced Corporate Gatherings: The Holiday Edition

We all look forward to our office holiday party. Whether it has been held in the office or at an outside venue, these gatherings give us the opportunity to spend time together outside of our usual workday and celebrate the season. This year, these gatherings will be more important for our employees than ever. As…

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Unfortunately…Fortunately: Castle Reflects on 2020

Have you ever read Fortunately, by Remy Charlip? It’s a story about a boy who overcomes obstacles—and a childhood favorite of our SVP Keri McIntosh. To this day, you’ll often hear her reference the story’s point of view—unfortunately…fortunately—when we’re about to face a challenge. It can be inspiring to look for the positives, especially this…

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