What Are Marketing Goggles? (And what it means for marketers and consumers)

Imagine diving underwater without a good pair of goggles to see what lives below the surface – let alone prevent salt water in your eyes. Though it is safe to open your eyes in the ocean and many people become accustomed to salt water, having eye protection for visibility is a game changer! Now you’re…

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Desintations and Details: Five Questions with Paige Laliberte

Our talented team of public relations and event professionals build the foundation for success at Castle. From planning and executing special events and product launches to developing and implementing integrated crisis communications strategies and social media plans, we do it all. Each of our team members has a different back story and brings unique skills…

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Contracting 102: Modernizing Hotel Contract Terminology

Most event professionals will tell you they spend countless hours reading and negotiating hotel contracts. As a result, we have accumulated a library of “standard” clauses we lean on to protect our clients and events. These clauses are rock-solid, but are they changing with the times? Here are five important tweaks you can make to…

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