Pitch a Tent for Your Next Event

Summer is here and the season for outdoor events is upon us. This means that tents may become part of the event plan – either as a weather contingency (for rain or sun cover), to create a more defined and/or comfortable outdoor environment or when indoor space is limited. But more than just a place to gather and feed guests, a tent and its various components can become an important part of the event design.

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Snapchatting the Millennial Generation: Tips & Tricks

The wildly popular photo messaging app, Snapchat, has become a staple to the millennial virtual communication sphere. Over the years, Snapchat developed from a simple photo messaging service to a multifaceted platform for text, video, photo, news sharing and now, advertising. Snapchat does what other social networking outlets cannot accomplish: offering a snapshot of “instant expression” of what is happening in the present, in real-time. Users can send personal messages or share a “story” with their followers.

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