Letter to a Future Intern

If you’re looking for some spectacular insight into how events come together in an orderly fashion— despite the last minute changes and unexpected obstacles that come with the territory—you’ve come to the right place—Castle!

When I first interviewed at Castle for an internship, I was unsure if event management was the right fit for me. My doubts were alleviated on day one. After meeting with the team, I knew I wanted to become an event planner—and that I found the right place to hone my skills and learn more about the events industry. I hope that you, too, will gain the same inspiration and skills from your upcoming adventure!

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RIP Big Blue | 2008-2016

Goodbye Big Blue and thank you for your years of dedicated service!

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Crisis Communications Strategies for Sexual Abuse Allegations in Schools – Part Two

Below is the second post of a two-part blog on communications during a school sexual abuse crisis. You can read Part One here. Communications Materials Communications, legal and risk management are inextricably linked in these matters, and need to work as a team. The communications plan needs foundational materials, all of which should be reviewed…

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Crisis Communications Strategies for Sexual Abuse Allegations in Schools – Part One

The Boston Globe Spotlight team’s report “Private Schools, Painful Secrets” (posted on May 7 and published on May 8) on educator sexual abuse at independent schools brought several important issues related to crisis communications to the forefront: accurate and thorough assessments, external factors, context, strategy, spokesperson, communications materials, news cycle and social media. The allegations…

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Amplify your event message through unique entertainment and event visuals

As technology becomes more sophisticated, so do the ways of entertaining and interacting with guests. Here are some unique entertainment and event visual ideas that do just that.

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Optimizing Events for People with Disabilities: Part 2

There are a variety of ways—and resources—to support people with hearing disabilities. Here are a few things we learned…

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